Agurati is ready to export firebrick

Iran has a huge potential in producing any kind of brick including firebrick and thin brick. Firebrick became one of the main material for wall decorations specially in facade because of its high resistance.

Agurati firebrick

Agurati firebrick

“Agurati firebrick is resistant against all natural factors such as rain or efflorescence on bricks, sunshine, high or low tempreture. Moreover, Agurati firebrick makes a very strong cohesion with cement and it will not fall or broke.” Arman Assadi the sales Maneger of  Agurati- said.

He added: “The production process of Agurati guarantees its quality. Our products has wide colour and shape variation. However we have all facility to accept any order”

Agurati is a registered brand the main producer of firebrick and has awarded ISO 9001 certification as well as quality certification(IQNET) from IMQ.

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