iFilm English: window to Iran culture and civilisation

The channel broadcasts premium Iranian movies and serials that have been professionally dubbed into English.
Officially launched, the channel aims to introduce Iran’s culture, civilization and history to the people of the world.
iFilm English broadcasts movies, serials and entertainment programs in English 24/7. The audience of the channel can receive its programs through four satellite platforms: Hotbird, Optus (for Australia), Nilesat (for the Middle East) and Intelsat (for the EU and Africa).
In addition to satellite coverage, the programs of iFilm English can also be received via the Internet on PCs, tablets, cell-phones and smart TVs across the world.
According to Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) World Service Dr. Mohammad Sarafraz, iFilm English, with the motto of “A New Family Experience,” seeks to introduce families in Western societies to a new experience of visual media and cinema with a content different from that of Hollywood, and thus provide a safe and attractive environment for their leisure time and in their own language.
Sarafraz says the channel’s programs include dubbed Iranian movies and serials in the genres of family-society, comedy, thrillers and history, and also various interesting programs, including those depicting behind-the-scenes of the movies and TV serials, candid camera programs, 100-second dramas, various documentaries about Iran and programs establishing interaction between the viewers and the channel.
iFilm English attempts to counter the West’s campaign to spread Iranophobia by opening a window to the Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization, portraying the truths about the Iranian society and offering an image based on the reality of the peace-loving people of Iran and its ancient civilization.
Using cutting-edge technology and streaming programs on the Internet and cell-phones, iFilm English also attempts to counter the efforts recently made by certain Western satellite companies aimed at curbing the voice of the culture of the Iranian people.
The channel can be watched on the following frequencies:
Hotbird 13B at 13.0° E
Frequency: 11727 (TP XP50)
FEC: ¾
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500
Optus D2 at 152° E
Frequency: 12706 (TP 8L)
FEC: ¾
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 22500
Eutelsat 7 West A at 7.3° (Nilesat)
Frequency: 11679 (TP C25)
FEC: ¾
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500
Intelsat 10at 47.5° E (Europe Africa beam)
Frequency: 12602 (TP 21 K)
FEC: ¾
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500
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