Rasht is capital of Gilan Province in north of Iran. This area is lush and beautiful rain forest. Gillan is located between Caspian sea from the North and Alborz Mountains range from south. Beautiful Branch Road, a distance of 325 km connects it to Tehran.

During the 20th century, until the mid-70s, Gilan and the Rasht region was the third-ranking industrial city in Iran by number of workers and per capita productivity. It lost its cultural and industrial status to a large extent after the 1970s.

The city has precious little in the way of historical buildings, but Rasht is a useful transport hub from which to visit the lush mountain forests, rice paddies and thatched-house villages of the emerald-green Gilan hinterland, most famously at Masuleh. It’s also a great place to taste the garlic-stoked, vegetable-rich Gilan cuisine.

Rasht is growingly turning into an industrialized town like most of the Iranian large cities and province capitals. Guilan has the first place in producing olives, hazelnuts and peanuts and second place in terms of rice production in Iran. The main agricultural product is rice so far.

Silk production is the oldest agroculture activity in this area and today, Gillan is the main silk production regions in Iran, almost 400 tons per year which is 80% of the national production. Iranian Silkworm Rearing Co. is located in Rasht.

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