Wonderful campaign for pistachios

Pistachio growers in California are using twitter to get more people to eat pistachios.

A famous American pistachio brand “Wonderful Pistachios” launched a new marketing campaign on twitter. Pistachio growers say the new marketing campaign is a great way to encourage people to buy pistachios.

U.S. banned on Iranian pistachios to help California farmers from 2008. The ban leaves the domestic market, worth $700 million, almost exclusively to U.S. growers. According to USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Iran is typically the world’s largest pistachio producer, followed by the U.S. and Turkey. Historically, the bulk of U.S. pistachio imports have come from Turkey and Iran, although Iranian imports have been prohibited since July 2010.

A video was posted on YouTube showing a string of letters falling down on top of a pistachio. To win, people need to tweet @getcrackin with the answer. However, the number of @getcrackin tweet is 3000 in four days.

Wonderful Pistachios is giving away $10-thousand dollars to whoever can ‘crack’ their code.

The brand-new spot, which the folks at Wonderful were nice enough to share exclusively with MTV News, plays up Snoop’s super-stony persona, as he sits on a green throne, reaches for a prescription bottle filled with the nuts (in California, you can also find them filled with other things) and then pours himself a pistachio, while an announcer jokingly intones “Snoop does it habitually.”


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